"Take Your Child to Work Day" is a BIG Success with Merit's Valued Associates.

The Merit Culture Is the Sum of Our Values, Traditions, Beliefs, Behaviors and Attitudes.

It Inspires Teamwork, Builds Camaraderie and Drives the Superior Performance We've Built Our Reputation on.

One of the biggest things that sets Merit apart from other 3PL service providers is our culture. We strive to foster a true family atmosphere where every associate is not only valued and respected, but genuinely appreciated. We want all of our team members to look foreward to coming to work every day to enjoy the challenges of the job as much as their co-workers and the fun and friendly atmosphere. Simply put, at Merit, Culture Counts.

Nothing reflects this more than the annual Take Your Kids to Work day that we participate in every year in Chehalis, Washington. It's a great opportunity to give our kids a peek into the work we perform daily. But it also strengthens industry friendships and fosters teamwork amongst our associates.

This year, the event included:

  • Getting an official badge made in data entry.
  • Receiving a shirt and safety vest.
  • Starting the tour of the facility.
  • Picking out the items each child wanted to take home. (The kids had to write down the item description, pick location and make sure both items were under the $25.00 budget).
  • Pick the items with the pick slip the kids created.
  • Visiting the crows nest for a great birdseye view of the warehouse and conveyors.
  • Finishing the tour in the break room with pizza and beverages.


Each child was also given a backpack filled with goodies to keep. It was a big success with the parents and kids alike and turned out to be a wonderful bonding experience for everyone involved.

We believe culture affects everything from employee happiness to a company's bottom line. Culture is the character and personality of your organization. For us, it's what makes Merit unique and it's the sum of our values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors and attitudes. And just as importantly, its a reflection of the outstanding people who work at our company.

While our company culture extends to every aspect of our organization, the bottom line is that it helps foster happiness in our associates and happiness means more productivity. More productivity means working faster and more efficiently which is what truly sets Merit apart from our competition. This simple truth is why we believe so strongly in building and nourishing our unique culture. Because at the end of the day, we don't just value our clients' business. We Earn It. And Culture plays a big part in that process every single day.