How Our Revamped BEST Program Has Made an Immediate Impact on Safety Throughout Merit Service Locations Nationwide


The Results: More than 60% of Merit Service Locations have ZERO TICR Events in 2018.

One of Merit's core beliefs is that the safety of our employees and our clients is a top priority for our organization.
We understand the importance of creating a safe and healthy working environment. We never lose sight of the fact that our greatest resources are the high-caliber professionals we hire. We truly value our people and the clients we serve which is why creating a culture of safety and accountability is so important in our organization.
There's no greater measurement of this culture than our TICR rate (Total Incident Case Rate). And to date in 2018, we're extremely proud to announce that over 60% of our service locations nationwide have ZERO TICR events. It's quite an accomplishment and one we credit to our revamped B.E.S.T. (Behavior Enhancement Safety Team) safety program we rolled out at the beginning of the year.

B.E.S.T. Program Translating to Outstanding Results

The goal was to reintroduce, refine and reinforce the programs mission of policing safety individually through each and every Merit Team associate. Our managers have been diligent in their efforts to instill this vital program to all of their team members and the results through the first 5 months of the year have been nothing short of outstanding.

The Benefits of a Safety First Culture 

While the health and well being of our associates is always the top priority, we also recognize that safety translates to other benefits as well. Putting safety first allows Merit to deliver a higher quality service to our clients because a safe workplace tends to be a more efficient one. By working in a clean, efficient environment, Merit associates are able to reduce distractions and truly focus on the quality of what they do. And the superior results we deliver consistently for our clients are a testament to our safety-first culture.

True Experts in Efficiency

Merit Logistics specializes in developing supply chain solutions and programs that are strategically designed to increase productivity at distribution centers throughout the U.S. We are true experts in efficiency and our exceptional warehouse services will help your company enhance its operational expertise, improve its productivity and elevate its profitability to remain ultra competitive in today's highly-demanding retail environment.

It's also another reminder that at Merit, we don't just value our clients' business,
We Earn It.