A Recent Lesson in Reliability: How the Effort of a Single Merit Manager Made a Positive Difference for One Merit Customer


While Merit operates in the logistics industry, our real stock and trade is excelling in the reliability business. 

The Logistics industry never slows down. Supply chains are in a constant state of flux with new challenges emerging on a daily basis. As a result, warehouse services experts are expected to adapt to these challenges and rise above. At Merit, we take tremendous pride in developing conscientious managers who thrive on rising to the occasion to put our customers in the best position to succeed day in and day out. 

Alejandro Gonzalez is a perfect example. Alejandro is our site manager at a major food supplier in Florida, and his dedication to customer service is a genuine lesson in the kind of reliability that Merit customers have come to expect from us. 

Our client was faced with a sudden delivery that was arriving late on a Sunday night, well outside of our normal service hours. The client immediately called Alejandro to see if he could facilitate a crew to come in and break down the 36 pallets of perishables. Without hesitation, Alejandro stepped up and took care of it by himself to not only receive the product ahead of schedule, but to help the client avoid detention fees from the carrier that would have been levied if they had to wait to unload until the next morning.

For Merit, this type of reliability is simply business as usual. But this level of service is made possible due to the commitment and dedication of our associates and managers like Alejandro Gonzalez. They are truly why we are able to provide outstanding customer service to every client we serve. 

Because at Merit, we don't just value our clients' business, We Earn It.