Reaching New Heights of Accomplishment

Last year, our client in Bluffton, Indiana purchased a brand new piece of equipment: a Crown Turret Truck. The machine is capable of reaching higher levels in warehouses. Only problem..

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At Merit Logistics, We Believe Service Records are Always Made to be Broken.

It only took 63 days for the Merit Logistics team to help our client achieve a record setting efficiency rating.

That's what Next Level Service is all about.

At Merit Logistics, the only..

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What Does Melted Ice Cream and $50,000 Have to Do with Logistics? (The answer may surprise you.)

In the world of grocery distribution, there is always a certain amount of spoilage that occurs. It’s the nature of perishables and supply chain logistics. But for one of our West Coast..

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Thank You for 5 Years of Outstandig Service in Shelbyville, IN.

The Fuel that Fires Up Team Success...

Andrew Carnegie once said that "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the..

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Merit Logistics Receives Kroger’s Prestigious Ice Cube Award for 365 Daysof Accident-Free Service.

Merit Picker Sets 41 Week Record Breakage Streak

"Take Your Child to Work Day" is a BIG Success with Merit's Valued Associates.

The Merit Culture Is the Sum of Our Values, Traditions, Beliefs, Behaviors and Attitudes.

It Inspires Teamwork, Builds Camaraderie and Drives the Superior Performance We've Built Our..

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How Our Revamped BEST Program Has Made an Immediate Impact on Safety Throughout Merit Service Locations Nationwide

The Results: More than 60% of Merit Service Locations have ZERO TICR Events in 2018.

One of Merit's core beliefs is that the safety of our employees and our clients is a top priority for..
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Delaware Team Achieves New Safety Mark.

Congratulations to our hard working team in Delaware

for reaching another safety milestone! 

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